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Alistair Cockburn said, on the Agile Project Management yahoogroup, "Maybe someone who really cares about these numerical reports might collect a bibliography for him/herself and other like-minded people." So, I've created a place where everyone can contribute. You do have to create a login to edit these pages, and please include a summary for all references. I'd like this to be an annotated bibliography, rather than just a list of titles and links. It will be ever-so-much easier to find the appropriate publications that way.

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From FortuneCookies:

Dave Barrett: "Lock a single programmer away in a closet for a month and I guarantee you he will underperform. Make him have to stand up and tell his teammates how much work he's done each day, and he'll do a bit better. Give him someone to bounce ideas off, and he will do even better. Give him someone to ask for help when he's stuck, and his performance will improve even more. Give him a way to share in the sucesses of those around him and it will improve some more. And so on...." (on [email protected])

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