Case studies that show the effectiveness (or not) of Agile Software Development. Please provide a brief summary of each entry.

As a whole

Embedded Agile Project by the Numbers With Newbies (2006) by Nancy Van Schooenderwoert

The Agile Impact Report: Proven Performance Metrics from the Agile Enterprise (2008) by QSM Associates (QSMA)

XP Productivity Numbers (2004) by Jeff Grigg.

The Total Economic Impactâ„¢ of Using ThoughtWorks' Agile Development Approach (2004) by Forrester Research, Inc. or

Alistair Cockburn's Doctoral Thesis (2003)

How Agile Projects Measure Up, and what it means to you (2008) by Michael Mah (Cutter Consortium)

Studies of various agile projects. Two of them are highlighted (1 using XP, 1 Scrum) and analyzed in depth. It shows that agile helps in general. However, to really make an impact you need to do it right, which takes some time to implement. For the two examples they dramatically reduced the time to market and reduced the bug count significantly.

Agile Practices


Predicting Software Defect Density: A Case Study on Automated Static Code Analysis (2007) Artem Marchenko (Nokia), Pekka Abrahamson (VTT Technical Research Centre)

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