Be sure to keep in mind the limitations of surveys. For example, this Catalog of Biases in Questionnaires lists some of the ways things can go wrong.

Peter Stevens' English summary of OBJEKTspectrum's survey of Agile adoption in Germany. The original article, AGILIT√ĄT WIRD MAINSTREAM: ERGEBNISSE DER ONLINE-UMFRAGE 2008 is by Henning Wolf (henning.wolf(at) and Arne Roock (arne.roock(at)

M&T Adoption of Agile Methods survey shows greater adoption in 2008 than 2005.

2nd Annual Survey: The State of Agile Development VersionOne.

Surveys and Statistics in the news on

Scott Ambler regularly conducts surveys on Agile adoption rates and related topics.

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